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I am a naturalist painter, dedicated to celebrating and protecting our natural heritage...




My realism style mirrors my hyperawareness of the delicate balance we share with all nature and their environment. 


People comment on the sense of calm my paintings instil, a response that affirms my success in conveying an intimate connection with that special moment in nature.  Through my paintings, I want to transport the viewer back to nature... ultimately, to encourage them to go out, experience and protect our natural heritage. 


My fascination with rocky environments, water views, and birdlife compels me to explore wild habitats, recording what I see and feel in on-site sketches and photo reference, and through collecting physical samples of rock, leaves, and dare I say, even dead birds which I find, retain, preserve and study.


Only by means of this constant education am I able to isolate and distil the elements of color, texture, form, and emotion upon which my experience and paintings are built. As my knowledge of nature grows, so too does my artist’s toolset – the brushes, sponges, techniques and palette I employ.


My current work, like my past, exists on a continuum of searching and creating, fueled by a passion to see and represent the truth and majesty of nature that surrounds us.


Welcome to my website. And thank you for looking with me.


George Lake, Killarney, Ontario

Up close detail "Silent Repose"


© 2019 by Barb Kopeschny  - All rights reserved.   

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