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...paintings instil a sense of calm and peacefulness in their homes.



​Barbara Kopeschny is a self-taught realist artist residing in Washago, Ontario. 

Inspired by rocky landscapes, granite cliffs and water views, her  paintings often incorporate delicate birdlife or nature.


In addition to personal exploration fuelled by museum visits and exhibitions, her work has benefitted from direct study with artists such as Loraine Tunley, Bruce St. Clair and Robert Bateman. 

Barbara's preferred medium is Acrylics.  Her paintings emerge from the refinement of on-site sketches and photo reference to which she eliminates anything extraneous from her images and focuses on the spark of idea that initially attracted her to the landscape.  The purity of elements included in her compositions, coupled with her attention to detail, supports not only that quality of peacefulness, but also transports the viewer back to nature with an inspiration to experience and protect the natural world. 


© 2019 by Barb Kopeschny  - All rights reserved.   

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