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One of my favourite lakes to visit is beautiful Emerald Lake in BC's Yoho National Park. Recently, Parks Canada has closed the lake until at least March 2025 to other local lakes, after confirming BC's first ever case of Whirling Disease parasite found in fish. Harmless to humans but devastating impact on aquatic life. I want to create an awareness on some of the impacts that even unmotorized pleasure-crafts can impose on wildlife and their habitats.


If you’re patient, a quiet paddle on a lake can often reveal the serenity of nature’s beauty. This is a constant reminder of how precious our delicate landscape and its inhabitants are to the nurturing of our soul and for these two beautiful loon soul mates.

Hunter's Flight (Red Tail Hawk)

Original Painting SOLD! This painting isn't about a blistery, rock cliff, but about urging the viewer to feel the excitement in sighting a Red Tail hawk soaring past, rising up through a familiar corridor. I like to think it might be anticipating an early spring and seeking companion in heading towards the treed horizon.

Shoreline Flight - Great Blue Heron

We share this world, its water, its rock, even the air and wind. To know this is the gift of wild places. But to witness this truth in such a moment is to experience the folds of time. An ancient reality overtook my paddle's quiet stroke that evening, touching me deeply - revealing the mysterious realm where the Great Blue Heron remains its fragile master.

A King's Realm - Belted Kingfisher

Original Painting SOLD! The call of a Belted Kingfisher excites me and when I hear one, I must spot it. I was within close proximity on this rare occasion, observing its fishing tactics and swooping flight pattern. A treat to see it still and proudly positioned on its favourite perch. The backlit colors of the autumn leaves provided a perfect setting for A King’s Realm.

A Canadian Morning (Canada Geese)

Original Painting SOLD! As the sight and sound of approaching geese lifts my gaze, I am reminded of the honour and privilege it is to regard nature - and in this moment my spirit flies above the landscape that surround me. A wondrous privilege and a moment to honour the beauty of A Canadian Morning!

Springtime Treasures - Chipmunk

Original Painting SOLD! At first sign of spring as the sun warms the granite rock, a sweet chipmunk is tucked amongst dried oak leaves and forest floor, snacking on tea berries and wintergreen foliage before darting back to cover.

Silent Repose (Snowy Owl)

Original Painting SOLD! Snowy Owls are the Provincial bird of Quebec. I am not superstitious, but I consider it "lucky" to anyone who has spotted one. A farmer's field provides a nourishing stopover for this snowy owl during her common winter sojourn in southern Canada. Adult males are virtually pure white, females (and young) have dark scalloping as shown in my painting. Most owls sleep during the day and hunt at night, but the snowy owl is active both day and night.

Morning Watch (Great Blue Heron)

Original Painting SOLD! On a warm August morning hike along the water's edge, I found luck on my side. He caught my eye; I immediately stopped to admire this beautiful Great Blue Heron perched on a stump behind the granite rock, motionless with anticipation. My heart skipped a beat with excitement when he stretched his graceful neck and in a lightning speed strike caught a luckless fish! Seconds later he resumes his "morning watch" pose, and I beam at the sight of this marvellous creature!.

Northern Solitude (Common Loon)

Original Painting SOLD! A recent canoe experience in Killarney Park one late summer afternoon was one of breathtaking beauty. I lay my paddle across my lap and floated along quietly for some time. The mesmerizing shoreline, surrounded by great white quartzite cliffs and glistening reflections left me feeling in spirit, and of inner peace and calmness. This was my inspiration for this piece.

Autumn Light (Merganser)

Original Painting SOLD! Breezy autumn days are ideal to delight in one of the best seasons nature presents. It was entertaining to observe this feeding merganser from my canoe. Navigating effortlessly with her head in the water scouting around until she spotted her meal. In a flash she submerged with her catch and continued on again in pursuit of her next morsel.

Granite Passage (Geese)

Original Painting SOLD! I can't think of a more exciting way to spend an unusually warm October day than canoeing on George Lake. Pink granite cliffs, earthy scents and the sound of the water on my paddle, sets a peaceful canvas of tranquility. A kaleidoscope of colours in this autumn landscape painting is the ideal setting for a pair of Canada Geese on their long journey south!

Tranquil Shores (Heron)

Original Painting SOLD! During an autumn morning hiking excursion, I found an opening on the trail. What luck to spot a Great Blue Heron quietly fishing in this perfect setting. I was intrigued by the smooth granite beach and the sun kissed golden tamaracks that made this tranquil shoreline a perfect scene for a Great Blue Heron!

In the Pink (Rufous Hummingbird)

In a fleeting moment a Rufous Hummingbird merrily danced towards the pink Victorian roses (of Vancouver Island) as if it were proud of his flight skills. I knew this moment was too special to risk fumbling for my camera. I strived to recreate this scene in my painting - the beauty of the sunlit roses and the special light of day.

Sweet Surprise (Ruby Throated)

Original Painting SOLD! I look forward to early morning nature hikes near my home, where I find the variety of woodland flora and wildlife inspiration abound. I was drawn into the play of light and shadow cast on the textured tree bark and Wild Columbine leaves. From out of nowhere, I heard the hum of a fleeting Ruby-Throated hummingbird zip towards the Wild Columbines. Needless to say, it was a sweet surprise for both of us!

Morning Spirit (Barrie Waterfront)

Original Painting SOLD! Morning Spirit is a landmark painting for the city of Barrie. The extreme fine detail in this painting of a unique perspective of Barrie has captured the city in a very positive, attractive way. The warmth of the early morning sun, glows on the east side of all the buildings and trees, which reflect on the calm waters of Kempenfelt Bay.

© 2019 by Barb Kopeschny  - All rights reserved.   

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